20 Percent of Humans are Not Designed to Work!

Are You One of Them?

If you are feeling burnt out, exhausted or even have physical and medical issues related to working too hard, you could be a Projector, which is one of the  5 Human Design energy types.  Human Design is a cutting edge personality assessment tool which shows you how you are energetically wired to function successfully in the world.  It is a system that takes your birth information (the time/space coordinates of your soul’s life in your human body) and shows you your full potential through the lens of a combination of several esoteric energy systems.  One of these systems is the Hindu Chakra system.  The sacral chakra / energy center is the key reason that Human Design Projectors are not designed to work in the traditional way.  The sacral energy center is the center for workforce and life force energy.  When you look at a Human Design chart this center is the second square from the bottom.  When it is colored in, or defined it means the person has access to life force and work force energy which they can experience consistently.  If you look at the Human Design chart of a Projector you will see that the sacral center is white, meaning that is is undefined or open.  This means that this person can experience life force energy in unlimited ways, but they are not able to consistently sustain this energy.  Because the center is open, they can take in the energy of others and amplify it.   So for short periods of time they can get a tremendous amount of work done, but then need to rest and discharge this borrowed energy from their systems.  If they don’t, they could fry their circuits so to speak… and this would look  like exhaustion, burn out, depression, overwhelm or even health issues.

sustainable life force

Most Human Design Projectors know deep inside that they don’t have sustainable energy to work a 9-5 job week after week and year after year.  When they attempt to work in this way they feel overworked and often unappreciated. Eventually they can even become bitter after years of expending energy that they don’t have and getting very little back.  All of this may sound like Projectors are born with an inherent weakness, but nothing could be more to the contrary.  Projectors hold a very special role in the world.  They are here to be managers and guides to those who have the sustainable energy to work consistently.  They have the ability to know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done effectively.  They can zoom in on another person and help them solve their problems like no one else can… because they are wise about life and people.  But here is the kicker.  The only way a Projector effectively share what they know is by following their strategy to be invited to do so.

Any Projector who is reading this may wonder how in the world they can ever get anywhere in life when they have to wait for someone to invite them into things.  They may feel like banging their heads against the wall because they have tried just going out there and making it happen with very little if any success.  It takes great faith and courage to be a Projector who is following the strategy of waiting to be invited.  But when a Projector really gets it, the red carpet rolls out for them and they have everything they need to assume the throne of their life purpose and live royally.  Just ask John F. Kennedy, Paul McCarney, or Steven Spielberg.

Do You Suspect You are a Projector?

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  1. Excellent article! With your help, I’m going to find out if I’m a projector.

    • sandyfreschi

      Thank you Indra.

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