Are You Grounded?

I read an article recently about the hazards of meditation.  It got me thinking about how much stock we personal development enthusiasts put into doing things that give us a break from our daily lives.  As an example, I’m currently enamored with the value of taking retreats.  But when does the mental and physical break that we seek through things like meditation or retreating turn into an escape?  It is a fine line worth exploring.

A while back, I was working hard in the “ethers” … being vigilant with my prayer practice, listening intently to spiritual direction, stepping up my meditation practice, while simultaneously living almost my entire business life through the internet.  Some really great things happened with all of this non-physical focus.  My consciousness expanded and my intuition increased immensely.  It felt wonderful to float around in the ethers and then share my bliss on Facebook.

But meanwhile my life on planet earth was suffering by comparison.  It became increasingly uncomfortable to focus on mundane tasks, like paying bills and going to the grocery store.  Some days I never got out of my pajamas.  My memory started to suffer, and I just couldn’t seem to pay attention to much of anything that didn’t have to do with my spiritual life or my online business.  I didn’t recognize this as much of a problem … even as my husband grew increasingly frustrated at my inattention to our life together.  I just floated around, thinking that this was my path to manifesting my heart’s desires on planet earth. Well quite the opposite happened.  I became extremely inefficient at daily living.  My income wasn’t increasing, and I began to battle with the mental shadows of inadequacy and insecurity.


What I finally realized is that all of this “off-planet” … so-called higher consciousness work was actually hindering the growth and expansion of my human experience.  I was becoming very ungrounded.  At one point I openly acknowledged that I was losing interest in living in this dimension.  Not that I was going to do anything about it, but it seemed so much easier to escape to a world of pure spirit and consciousness.

Well guess what?  When you sign up for a human body you sign up for a human experience.  When you’re unable to live your bliss in the performance of your mundane daily tasks, you’re not able to create the kinds of abundance that you can only have in the three dimensional world. … At least that is the conclusion I eventually came to. And hence the fine line was defined between using spiritual and energetic practices to escape from daily life rather than enhance it!

There are hazards to being disconnected from planet earth.  After all, this is our place to create with our gifts from heaven. When we go “up there”…”in there”… “out there” (however you conceptualize it), we hinder our power to create tangible things that would bring bliss in our daily life.  And ultimately, all of the inner expansion that we do through prayer, meditation and even connecting to others through the internet, don’t serve our purpose for being here at all.  They serve as a way to abdicate the responsibility that we have as spiritual beings to live a fully empowered human experience.

If you are doing a lot of spiritual, energetic or off-planet work and have experienced some of these same things, don’t beat yourself up because you have become ungrounded. Just remind yourself that your body is your vehicle for being at home in the physical world.  Ask it what it wants.  Give it what it needs. And take practical steps to anchor your other-worldly bliss into your daily life … even if it is something as simple as getting out of your pajamas and taking a walk.

You can stay grounded even when you are expanding.  And you can have bliss without escaping.

2 thoughts on “Are You Grounded?

  1. Great article, and I also read the linked article as well. And I love the idea that you need to use spirituality to, ‘enhance’ not ‘escape’ reality, which is what (I suspect) it is really about.

    Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you Julian. I suspect as well that the desire to escape is what keeps many of us from really enjoying all that life has to offer.

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