Power Half Hour – Chaos to Calm Group Meditation

  Are you feeling chaotic inside and sensitive to the drama around you? Do you want to be the calm amid the storms in your life? Here are some practical tools to release, renew and revive your energy. Links Mentioned in the Video: Carolyn Jayne: http://www.thejournalqueen.com Bitterness to Joy for Human Design Projectors: http://humandesignprojector.com/gravity-landing/bitterness-to-joy/ Sandy […]

Three Phases of Well Being – Where are You?

In the “Secrets of Self-Care Success” article we talked about how it can be difficult to make permanent changes in self-care habits unless you are able to make them automatic, small and attainable and you are consistent through making yourself accountable. When you know what you need to change to take better care of yourself, you can […]

Power Half Hour – May 2016

Healing the Pain of Disappointment Click on the image to watch the recording   Is it time for a mini-break? Take a power half hour totally for yourself. Join others in a virtual group to recharge and renew your energy. You will be guided through a fun / feel good self-nuturing experience…    

Secrets of Self-Care Success

  Are you a victim of the self-care/self-neglect roller coaster? It starts when you find yourself in the cranky, bitchy, worn down, exhausted world of self neglect. And each time it happens you resolve to make changes so it never happens again. You change your diet, maybe go to bed earlier, start an exercise regimen and begin meditating […]

Human Design Terms

  Human Design offers you a framework for understanding how to live your life as the unique individual that you were created to be. It shows you your genetic imprinting and the gifts and challenges you are here to experience. Human Design gives you a framework for discovering how your environment and the people around you influence you. When […]