Grounding – March 2016 Virtual Mini-Break

A few of us got together on Tuesday March 15th to refresh and renew our self-care practice.  We explored grounding in our half hour together … what it feels like, how to ground yourself through the root center (root chakra) and how to know when you’re ungrounded.  If you tend to feel ungrounded, unfocused or […]

Are You Grounded?

I read an article recently about the hazards of meditation.  It got me thinking about how much stock we personal development enthusiasts put into doing things that give us a break from our daily lives.  As an example, I’m currently enamored with the value of taking retreats.  But when does the mental and physical break that we seek […]

The Synchronicity Formula

The other day I was listening to my inner guidance as I was wandering around in my car and wondering where I might stop for a bite to eat.  I ended up at a small restaurant that I love but don’t visit often enough.  While eating, the owner and I got into a conversation which […]

February Mini Break

  You can reduce stress and be more productive by making little breaks a regular part of your life.  If you are not taking a pause on a regular basis, try including them into your routine … perhaps once an hour, once a day, once a week or once a month. Step away from the hectic […]