The Power of the Creative Pause

Years ago I studied the work of Barbara Mettler, a pioneer in improvisational movement.  I danced with a group in Providence, RI.  And every week or two we would take a pause from our personal lives to move together in co-creative and organic ways. It wasn’t about expressing the rhythm of music through the body, […]

Your Best Game Ever

There certainly has been a lot of crazy drama vying for our attention in the world at large.  If you feel like you’re caught up in it or that you’re overly sensitive to the energies of strife and suffering, take some time to relax and broaden your perspective. It’s starting to get easier to see through […]

Awesome Intentions Celebration 2016!

It’s only the first week of January and clients and friends are reporting that they feel like they’re already behind.  Are you thinking that you’re supposed to be starting something new when you haven’t even tied up the loose ends from last year?  There is good news… The Human Design New Year doesn’t start until […]

Self-Care and the “Go-To Getaway”

Have you every been so stressed out, that the thought of planning a relaxing get-away stressed you out even more? An essential part of a good self-care program is to reduce stress on a regular basis. You are encouraged to increase your resilience to stress by becoming practiced at having fun. Discover in this video, […]