Confessions from a Recovering Workaholic

coffee computerIt’s Thursday as I write this.  Thursday is normally the day I hold sacred to rejuvenate myself and play.  So why am I sitting here at my desk typing away as though it is a “work day”?  Well the title of this post kind of sums it up.  Being one of the 20 ish percent of humans who don’t embody consistent and sustainable workforce energy it is a challenge for me to pace myself when running my business so that I have the energy when my schedule says I should have it to do what needs to be done.  So here I sit, because some time earlier in the week I really needed a break and took it.  And not only that but I’m preparing for an entire weekend of fun and play with my family.  So my “sacred play time” has been, in a manner of speaking, rescheduled.  This is all well and good as long as I don’t start conning myself into squeezing in a little more work when I know I need to rest and play.

Have you ever put off time for yourself to get one more thing done?  

Were you able to stop when you completed that task?

What happened if you didn’t stop?

If you have ever taken on a little extra work thinking it would either set you free from your financial concerns or allow you to have more fun later, you know how quickly a little work can escalate into a lot.  It’s a potentially dangerous slippery slope which must be navigated with the utmost awareness and attention to self-care.  As you probably well know, if you have ever “fudged” your play time to get a little something done, that a little something can turn into a lot of something that mires you down in exhaustion and potential burnout.  And if you let the trend go on long enough you probably threw yourself way off balance and reacted to the stress of it all in ways which may have even taken you further off course.  Depending on your specific Human Design, you probably attempted to get out from under what you innocently took on in several different ways.

  • You either got frustrated and quit… which may or  may not be the ultimate best choice.
  • Or you got angry and took it out on others… still not the most functional and productive of behaviors.
  • Or if it went on long enough your body, support systems, and perhaps your entire life could have collapsed around you.

It really doesn’t matter what Human Design type you are, if you have a strong work ethic you could fall prey to the workaholic mentality that fools the masses into believing that if a little work is good then more is better.  As we have explored in previous posts about play, more work doesn’t necessarily equal more productivity.

I’m speaking from the perspective of having experienced the last scenario which is listed above.  My complete collapse happened because I ignored the signs that I needed to make some smaller course corrections before I ever got to that point.  Because I didn’t honor my own natural rhythm for self-care, work and play, eventually I hit bottom and a major course correction was required to pull me out.  For this reason I don’t take the fact that I’m sitting here working on my day off lightly.  At the same time I’ve made sure that I’ve set a limit for myself.  Does controlled working really work for the workaholic?  idk… but until I can find a way to completely abstain from work it will have to do…

Coming Soon.. How to be Successful without Sacrificing Your Self-Care!

In the meantime … Discover your natural rhythm for work and play with an Inner Rhythm Consultation

Three Things You Can Do to Replenish Yourself Before Summer Ends

afraid-19086_640It may be early August but the school year has already started here in East Tennessee.  The evening temperatures have even cooled off to make it feel like fall.  As the summer season seems to grow shorter it can be challenging to feel like you have truly enjoyed it.  Even if you are still experiencing hot temperatures and the so called “dog days” of summer the end looms near, and collectively our attention will soon begin to turn to the more focused pursuits of the autumn season.  Before you leap headlong into “back to school” and “back to work” projects take a moment to pause and consider how you have played this summer.  Did you have all the fun you could have had?  Did you play in ways which helped you replenish your energy and build strong connections with others?

If you feel like you’re not ready to return to the regular routine that usually ensues in the fall, perhaps you did not get your fill of life-force sustaining, joy-building, belly-laughing play.   As we discussed in previous posts, play deprivation can affect your productivity and lead to burnout and exhaustion.  It’s not just something that you do in the summer, but summer is the perfect time to build up your energy reserves with extra play.  Once you have a filled your cup it’s easier to replenish it as you need to throughout the year.  So don’t put off filling your cup with the energy you get from summertime play.

Here are 3 things you can do to fortify and replenish yourself with play before the month is over:summer

  1. Go on that last minute get-away.  Stop!  Pull out your calendar right now!  Schedule it!  Your get-away can be as simple as a day trip or as elaborate as a week or weekend away from everything.  Don’t have the time to leave home?  Try going on an Inner Retreat.  The step by step instructions are in my Inner Retreat Guide.
  2. Have a fun impromptu get-together.  If you have been lacking in social play this summer make a point to get together with a few fun friends.   Only invite people who uplift you.  Eliminate the stress by keeping your get-together small and simple.  The point is to have fun and play with others.
  3. Make a point to play a little each day.  From now until the end of August insert at least an hour of playtime into each day.  Take your lunch in a beautiful outdoor location.  Go on a walk.  Splash in a pool. Swing in a swing.  When you routinely play in ways which enrich and fortify your life you build a skill which supports you all year round.  Start today and show up everyday for your playtime.

The end of summer may be just around the corner but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to play.  In fact the more you get in the habit of weaving playful activities into your life, the more resilient and creative you become.  So take the remaining weeks of the summer season to experiment with the many different ways you can create new habits around play.  Then…

Stay tuned for what’s coming in September to take your game to the next level!

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Make Great Leaps With Balance and Timing

figure skaters

Are you as captivated by the Olympic competitions as I am?  My favorite event is figure skating, and I love watching the skaters glide along the ice with power and seeming ease.  When those skaters jump and spin and make landings which catapult them into their next move I get inspired to make the leaps which can catapult me into the next move of my life.  If you have been watching those skaters (or skiers or whoever you love to watch) you may notice that not all those leaps lead to perfect landings.  If you listen to the commentary on the execution of those jumps, spins and leaps you’ll notice that the two keys to perfect landings are balance and timing.

Where are you making leaps in your life?  Are your landings catapulting you into the direction you desire or are you faltering and stumbling?  If your leaps and landings aren’t executed with power and ease take a look at your balance and timing.

Balance is about having a strong foundation of support where you can leap and turn from an inner sense of being centered.  Balance comes from the ability to stay relaxed and focused at the same time.  By seeking balance you become aware of who you are in relation to your environment.  It brings a sense of feeling solid and fluid at the same time.  Balance gives you the strong platform to execute your life jumps with the fluidity and resilience to follow through and move forward.  You have a unique set of requirements to achieve the best inner and outer balance for yourself.  Some people need to work in consistent ways at things that are right for them to create the perfect balance for their next leap.  Others will need to do the exact opposite and work less while playing more.  When you follow your Human Design strategy according to your energy type you naturally create a balance in your life which supports you and cultivates your sense of resilience.

Timing is essential for making great decisions and taking actions which allow you to live your full potential.  Have you ever made a quick decision that you later regretted?  Or have you ever hesitated and missed an opportunity which would have taken you to something really great?  Everyone has their own inner sense of timing.  Some people are designed to act spontaneously according to inner cues.  Others need to wait for clarity before acting.  While your your Human Design strategy tells you in general whether you need to initiate or wait, it’s your decision making authority which gives you the specific guidelines about your unique sense of timing.

Are you ready for great leaps which catapult you into your next move?  Let’s work on your balance and timing by exploring how you’re uniquely designed to make those moves!

Work With Sandy Freschi

Sandy’s Fresh Perspective for Friday October 25th


This weekend try unplugging from the chaotic madness of the daily noise and technology.  Focus on the important moments in your life.  Notice who and what you really love.  Give them your undivided attention.  And give you your undivided attention for even just a little while.  Don’t just go through the motions of being with family and friends.  Really be there and notice what happens.

The Value of an Inner Retreat

Buddha StatueI just completed an amazing 2 week retreat and have emerged with a deeper sense of myself and some valuable clarity about my life’s direction.  Where did I go?… India?… Tibet?… to a cabin deep in the woods? None of the above.  I stayed home, and I even worked (some).  It didn’t start out consciously as a retreat, just some precious time to myself while both my beloved boys (husband and stepson) were away. But because of what I chose to do with that time I emerged feeling like I had gone far away to dig into the depths of my soul.  Really I had only done the depth of my soul part.  I didn’t need to dig deep, because it was waiting to open up into the space I gave it.  My authentic rhythms came to the surface and I danced to the feel of my own heart beating in a way that I hadn’t done in a long long time.  My own inner retreat helped me integrate the balance I have been cultivating in my daily life and plant it more deeply and permanently inside my soul.  It wasn’t about escaping but being present from moment to moment… Heart beat to heart beat. .. and allowing it to show me who I am and what is important to bring on the next leg of my journey.

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove yourself from your environment to go inside yourself.  Sometimes your environment is necessary to have around you when you go deep inside.  It can inform you of your bearings and support you while you slip deeper inside yourself.

In the next post I’ll tell you about how to prepare for an inner retreat from the comfort of your own home.