Human Design Coaching for Inner Balance and Outer Success

Woman with Arms in the AirYou desire a deeper connection with your inner spirit, and you know the kind of inner calm, peace and prosperity you want.

When you look around at the life you’re living does it match what you want to have?

Are you dealing with lack of confidence about the direction you need to take to have a meaningful, fun and healthy life?

Are you putting yourself second way too often so that you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and competing priorities?

These are signs that something is out of balance and it may not be what you think. You have a unique strategy for living your life and making decisions which naturally put you on the path of the life you’re here to live. And when you align your inner life with your true nature by using your strategy, the patterns, emotional reactions, beliefs and behaviors which undermine your confidence and keep you teetering on the brink of overwhelm begin to change. Over time you achieve inner balance because you no longer unconsciously follow what you think you “should” do but discover the power of who you are here to be. By being You… and not who you think you are… you create the outer success you are here to live.



9 Ways to Know You’re Operating Under the Influence of Others

croweIn my last post I talked about the concept of operating under the influence of others.  I mentioned that when you have a lot of open energy centers, as can be seen on your Human Design Chart, you are vulnerable to the influences of the energies of others.  After looking at your Human Design Chart you will get some clues about how you may be operating under the influence of others, but there are some ways you can tell right away:

  1. You get a lot of great inspirations when you’re in public but when you go home to implement them they quickly leave your head.
  2. You often feel like you have found the answer (to any number of things in life) only to change your mind once again.
  3. You are normally quiet but find that when you are around certain people you talk a lot.
  4. You often adopt the attitudes of the groups you join even if they are not truly yours.
  5. When you are with certain people you feel like you can “just do it” only to discover when you’re alone that you didn’t want to do it in the first place.
  6. You act like a drama queen when you’re around certain people.
  7. The only time you feel like working is when your housekeeper comes to clean the house.  You work circles around her and collapse in exhaustion when she leaves.
  8. You have specific fears which seem worse when you’re around certain people.
  9. Most times you can’t sit still, but when you’re around certain people you either feel calm or you feel pressured to do things for them.

If any of these sound like you, it could be your open energy centers causing you to pick up on others’ energetic influences.  You become them amplified, and when they leave they take their energy with them.  Wouldn’t you rather be you?  You’re here to be wise about the energy that moves through your open energy centers.  When you learn to be you, you become more aware of others and how to use their influence to benefit your life rather than throw you off course.  Here are three things you can do to get out from under the influence of others:

  1. Spend time alone in an inner retreat to become more aware of yourself.
  2. Order your free Human Design Chart to see where you tend to operate under the influence of others.
  3. Schedule a Human Design Coaching session to discover your strategy for living as your true self.


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Checklist for Inner Spring Cleaning

The first flower of Spring which appeared in our yard
The first flower of Spring which appeared in our yard

The first day of Spring brought me welcome hope that life in its fullness will bloom again.  This daffodil presented itself to me as a symbol of that hope.  My attention turns to what needs to be cleaned out in order to make room for the new and I wonder if you are considering the same thing.  Like the dead old foliage which surround this perky new flower, new life in the form of new projects can crop up and grow in the midst of old circumstances which have long since served their purpose.  How well does a flower or you or your new creation flourish when the dead dull remnants of a life once lived are crowding out your roots?  Probably not so well.  Just think of how much more alive and vibrant this bloom could be, what other buds might crop up if the weeds around it were cleared away.  The same is true of life.  Is it time to do some spring cleaning… or gardening as is the case here?  Ask yourself what you need to clear away.  Here is a checklist which may help.

Inner Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Body 
    • Clear out toxins with a cleanse for the digestive system
    • Start a new exercise habit
    • Readjust your sleep clock to synchronize with the increase in light
  • Mind
    • Become aware of and stop your whining
    • Reroute negative thoughts by focusing on the positive
    • Quit judging yourself
  • Spirit
    • Start or amp up your meditation practice
    • Connect with the spirit of nature
    • Ask yourself what your spirit truly desires and give yourself those things

What would you add to your inner Spring Cleaning list?

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Are Your Creative Projects Taking too Long?

Belly of pregnant woman with pink bow… a.k.a. What I am learning from Human Design Projectors…..

It seems that so many around me, and me included, are gestating new projects this year.  If you are baking an idea and wanting to bring it to life in full form, there are a few things I’m learning over at the Human Design Projector Community which may help you immensely.  If you’re not familiar with the Projectors, they are people who have an energy type which makes it so they have inconsistent access to the energy for sustained work.  I happen to be one of them and as I started working with my own Projector issues, a community sprung up around me… but I digress… These folks and the way they are able to live a life which truly works for them can teach the other energy types a lot about how to birth a project.

Birthing takes time.  And any woman who has ever given birth knows that bringing a new life into the world has its own rhythm and timing.  There is a long wait, a pause of 9 months or so, a time of deep preparation…. followed by a labor which is often uncomfortable to say the least.  Then finally the new creation, a tiny being, makes its debut.  And then what follows are many years attention to this being who was created and birthed from you.

Creating is a long term endeavor, and the Human Design Projectors get what that’s all about.  Projectors are here to manage, guide and direct their own creations as well as others who are also creating.  A major challenge most Projectors experience is patience, because in order to do this for the people and things they are here to guide they must wait… often a long time… for an invitation to bring out their wisdom and share it.  So here’s the gift, for them and for you (if you’re among the other 71% of the population who has the strategy to wait for other things in life).  When a Projector gets really good at following their strategy to wait for invitations they show the world, or at least the people who are here to recognize them, an example of the fruit that patience can bear.

Take these tips from the Human Design Projectors, and as you learn more about your specific energy type and strategy, you can modify them for your own purposes and benefit:

  1. Everything has its timing
    • There is a time to speak
    • There is a time to act (according to your strategy and authority)
  2. There is a resonance that can usually be felt in the body which signals that the time is right to bring forth a piece of the creation
  3. Not everything you have to offer is for everybody
  4. Waiting is a time of preparation:
    • To get clear, be ready
    • To rest for the next leg of the journey (just as the pregnant woman must rest to be ready to take care of her new baby)
  5. When the timing is right and all things are in place the next opportunity presents itself.
  6. The majority of the work is inner work

Are you struggling to bring forth your precious creations in a successful way?  It could be a timing issue.  Everyone has a unique sense of timing which is wired into their Human Design.

Want to know more about your unique inner timing?  GO HERE!

Is it Time for a Change?


March is a month of things yet to be revealed as there are inklings of longer days and the renewed energy of Spring.  Yet nothing is yet manifest.  It’s so perfect that the time changes today. It’s like the first act to “Spring Up” to new life that is just around the corner.  March is also a great time to review what the stillness of winter has shown you and to prepare for the growth of new desires you planted.  There is much to be done before the full bloom of ambition.  And for this month you are supported in cleaning out, clearing away and preparing for your journey through the rest of the year.  If you feel like you’ve been watching the clock, it’s time now for action.  But not the action that takes you outside yourself… the action of making room within for the gentle sprouts of your new creations to take hold and bud.

Yellow and Light Green Flower Bud





p.s. remember to change your clocks … and also those things in your life which keep you from “springing up” into your new creations!