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Human Design offers you a framework for understanding how to live your life as the unique individual that you were created to be. It shows you your genetic imprinting and the gifts and challenges you are here to experience. Human Design gives you a framework for discovering how your environment and the people around you influence you. When you know yourself at this deep level, you can make changes which will significantly improve your well being so that you are free to function at your very best in an authentic way.

As you start or deepen your journey, it may be helpful for you to review some terms that are part of the shared vocabulary of Human Design. So please enjoy this list of terms and their definitions.





Mandala: The Mandala is the colored wheel which surrounds the Body Graph. It is somewhat like a clock in the sense that it marks the themes which are activated at the time of birth and 88 days prior to birth.  The outer ring of the mandala is divided into 64 partitions that represent Gates. The 64 Gates are representative of themes which are understood through the 64 Hexgrams of the I’Ching. Each Gate is  further divided into six Lines. They are are somewhat like the second hand on a clock, and indicate a deeper understanding of how the theme of the Gate is experienced. The 12 astrological signs are placed on the inner wheel of the Mandala, indicating the astrological influences upon the design.

Body Graph: The Body Graph is in the center of the Mandala.  It lays out the calculated imprints which are taken from the outer rings of the Mandala and puts them into a visual format that can be related back to the human body. The Body Graph shows how the Gates activate the body’s nine energy Centers, which are derived from the Hindu Chakra system. The relationship between centers is understood through the Sephiroth of Kabala.

Centers: The Nine Centers in the Body Graph are represented by the square, and triangular or diamond-shaped areas within the chart. Each one is related to a different realm of experience… inspiration, thought, manifestation, love, ego, emotion, instinct, adrenalized action and fertility. Centers can either be Defined (colored in) or Undefined (not colored in). A defined center indicates that there is a consistency in the experience it reflects. An undefined centers indicates an openness to other people’s experiences who have definition in the center. It gives the person without definition the potential to understand it at a very deep level. Type and Authority are determined by how the Centers are Defined and connected to each other.

Motorized Centers: The Emotional Solar Plexus, Root, Heart/Will, and Sacral Centers are all motorized. This means that they move energy through the body for work and activity.

Awareness Center: The Spleen, Ajna and Emotional Solar Plexus are all Awareness Centers. The Awareness Centers give us the ability to process information and awareness about ourselves.

Gates: There are a total of 64 Gates which correspond to the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching. Each gate in the Body Graph has a number (which doesn’t change its position in the chart). Each number indicates the hexagram that it is related to, which can be studied to understand the theme it represents. When a gate is colored in it is defined, and like the colored in centers, is able to be experienced consistently. Each  defined  Gate  in  the chart adds a different “flavor” to  your personality.

Channels: There are 32 channels in the Human Design body graph. Channels are lines that span all the way between two Centers. When an entire line or Channel is colored in (defined) then the centers on either end of the channel will also be colored in (defined).  Centers are open (not colored in)  when they have no fully colored channels attached to it.

Type: Human Design groups people into 5 different “personality” or energetic categories called Types: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators (a sub-group of Generators), Projectors and Reflectors. Each type has a unique strategy for making decisions and cultivating practices which affirm their unique gifts.  Read more about the types HERE.

Strategy & Authority: Each energy Type has its own Strategy and Authority. Strategy and Authority point to the parts of us that guide us into our unique process for making decisions which support our genuine gifts.  Strategy and Authority lead to better self understanding, clarity, and the ability to live an authentic life.

Conditioning: Conditioning is a term for how you live out the energetic, emotional and mental influences of the people and environment around you. Undefined Centers are very sensitive to Conditioning.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is just a thing to understand and to cultivate awareness around.  Defined centers can also be influenced by others and the environment, and will show up as consistent patterns of behavior which may or may not serve the individual.

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The Story of Human Design

The ancients all had a way of interpreting the human psyche and cultivating a connection with the soul.  The Hindus charted the energy vortexes which nourish the body, mind and spirit.  The Chinese identified the 64 life themes which weave their way through the human experience.  The Hebrews, through the Kabbalistic tree of life, studied the relationships of the divine forces which create all worlds.  And for as long as man has been on the planet, there has been the search to understand our connection to the cosmos.  In 1987 scientists discovered a key piece of that connection when they witnessed the explosion of a giant star, and began to study the neutrinos streams (a.k.a. stardust) which constantly move through our bodies.

At the same time, on a remote island of Spain, a reluctant mystic was given the revelation of how these ancient wisdom systems work together with our connection to the cosmos via quantum physics to form an entire blueprint for how each human can live their full potential.  That revelation of the mechanics of the human energy system is now known as Human Design.

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Five Human Design Types

There are five types of humans in the Human Design paradigm.  Each is defined by the general way that their energy centers are wired and how their auras affect others.  Each type is here for a purpose and has a strategy for carrying out that purpose.  When you are not living your strategy you will experience an emotional theme which is your signal that you are not in alignment with the natural flow of your energy.  In a nutshell, here are the five Human Design energy types, their strategies and emotional themes.

Manifestor Sample Chart
Manifestor Sample Chart

Manifestor Type – Approximately 8% of the population.  Manifestors are the only Human Design type who are here to initiate action, to make things happen and to “just do it”.  They don’t have the life force and work force energy to sustain work, so they are not here to finish what they started. Their powerhouse energy is designed to get projects started and then move on to the next thing.

Strategy:  Inform others before acting

Emotional Theme:  Anger – If the Manifestor does not inform others before acting, other people will often get angry at them.  This will block their progress to do the things they want to do.  They may also experience anger when they are not following their strategy.

Generator Sample Chart
Generator Sample Chart

Generator and Manifesting Generator Type – Approximately 70% of the population.  Manifesting Generators move a little faster than pure Generators, but they are both part of the Generator type.  Generators and Manifesting Generators  are the only Human Design type who have sustainable work force and life force energy.  They are here to work and master the work they are here to do.

Strategy: Wait to respond before acting


Emotional Theme:  Frustration – When Generators and Manifesting Generators are initiating action instead of waiting for something to show up in their environment to respond to, they will experience frustration.  They may also experience frustration when you are about to make a breakthrough in your work.

Projector Sample Chart
Projector Sample Chart

Projector Type – Approximately 22% of the population.  Projectors are not here to work.  They are here to manage, guide and direct others.  Their aura is extremely focused on connecting with another person.  If you have been recognized by a Projector you will know it… and they will know you.

Strategy:  Wait for the invitation (on the big things in life like marriage and career)

Emotional Theme: Bitterness – When Projectors are not recognized and acknowledged they tend to become bitter.  This bitterness diminishes the natural projection field of the projector so that they are not projecting who they really are and attracting the invitations they need to be successful in the world.


Reflector Sample Chart
Reflector Sample Chart

Reflector Type – Approximately 1% of the population.  Reflectors are here to reflect the health and well being of their environments and the people around them. They are completely open to the world energetically.  It’s important to choose their friends and their living situations carefully.

Strategy:  Wait for a full moon cycle, 29 days before making a major decision. Talk about it with others, and pay attention to what you say while saying it.

Emotional Theme:  Disappointment – When Reflectors don’t take their time and jump into decisions they will often experience disappointment from their choices.  Reflectors must not be pressured.

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What is Human Design?

human design mandala

There is only one of you, and this unique system reveals that truth. Once you understand your unique design, you are able to take the actions which increase your confidence and success.  Your life begins to work for you once and for all!

So what is Human Design?  It is a personal growth and personality assessment tool with esoteric origins and practical applications. It draws upon Eastern and Western astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu chakra system and quantum physics to show you how to make the most of the unique personality traits and the gifts you were born with.  Human design is a road-map for the life you were born to live.  It lays out a blueprint which helps you understand how to effectively interact with your world with the least amount of confusion, energy drain and frustration.

Human Design gives you a new way of seeing who you truly are in all your magnificence and beauty.  It is not about changing anything about you. It is about gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of your gifts and strengths, what drives you, your wisdom and your vulnerabilities.  For example, some people are designed to work and they must work at things they love in order to stay healthy and balanced.  Others are designed to NOT work in the traditional ways that others work, because they don’t have the energy to sustain it. They are here to either start new things and move on, or to guide others with their wisdom.  Knowing how you are designed to interact with the world will allow you to use your energy in ways that benefit your wellbeing and contribute your gifts to others.

When you look at your Human Design Body Chart you’ll see triangles, squares, lines and colors.  Most likely you will  be scratching your head.  But the chart may look strangely familiar.  This is you, the representation of your energy system as you were uniquely put together at the time of your birth. The human design body chart is a snapshot of your waking personality.  In other words it is a picture of some of the fixed personality characteristics you were born with.

Have you seen your personal Human Design Body Chart?  Do you want to know more about your unique energetic design?  Order your free chart here.