Confessions from a Recovering Workaholic

coffee computerIt’s Thursday as I write this.  Thursday is normally the day I hold sacred to rejuvenate myself and play.  So why am I sitting here at my desk typing away as though it is a “work day”?  Well the title of this post kind of sums it up.  Being one of the 20 ish percent of humans who don’t embody consistent and sustainable workforce energy it is a challenge for me to pace myself when running my business so that I have the energy when my schedule says I should have it to do what needs to be done.  So here I sit, because some time earlier in the week I really needed a break and took it.  And not only that but I’m preparing for an entire weekend of fun and play with my family.  So my “sacred play time” has been, in a manner of speaking, rescheduled.  This is all well and good as long as I don’t start conning myself into squeezing in a little more work when I know I need to rest and play.

Have you ever put off time for yourself to get one more thing done?  

Were you able to stop when you completed that task?

What happened if you didn’t stop?

If you have ever taken on a little extra work thinking it would either set you free from your financial concerns or allow you to have more fun later, you know how quickly a little work can escalate into a lot.  It’s a potentially dangerous slippery slope which must be navigated with the utmost awareness and attention to self-care.  As you probably well know, if you have ever “fudged” your play time to get a little something done, that a little something can turn into a lot of something that mires you down in exhaustion and potential burnout.  And if you let the trend go on long enough you probably threw yourself way off balance and reacted to the stress of it all in ways which may have even taken you further off course.  Depending on your specific Human Design, you probably attempted to get out from under what you innocently took on in several different ways.

  • You either got frustrated and quit… which may or  may not be the ultimate best choice.
  • Or you got angry and took it out on others… still not the most functional and productive of behaviors.
  • Or if it went on long enough your body, support systems, and perhaps your entire life could have collapsed around you.

It really doesn’t matter what Human Design type you are, if you have a strong work ethic you could fall prey to the workaholic mentality that fools the masses into believing that if a little work is good then more is better.  As we have explored in previous posts about play, more work doesn’t necessarily equal more productivity.

I’m speaking from the perspective of having experienced the last scenario which is listed above.  My complete collapse happened because I ignored the signs that I needed to make some smaller course corrections before I ever got to that point.  Because I didn’t honor my own natural rhythm for self-care, work and play, eventually I hit bottom and a major course correction was required to pull me out.  For this reason I don’t take the fact that I’m sitting here working on my day off lightly.  At the same time I’ve made sure that I’ve set a limit for myself.  Does controlled working really work for the workaholic?  idk… but until I can find a way to completely abstain from work it will have to do…

Coming Soon.. How to be Successful without Sacrificing Your Self-Care!

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