Do This to Take the Pressure Off the Holidays

It’s almost crunch time!  You know, that time when you’re working your @&$ off to tie up this year while simultaneously planning for next year.  And somewhere in there you’re supposed to have gifts wrapped, turkey’s baked, travel plans made and endless energy for children, families and parties.  How do you do all that while you manage to maintain your sanity?

I used to envy those women who seemed to sail through the holidays with plenty of time to wrap gifts, bake cookies, balance the year-end budget and project the profits for the next 12 months.  Little did I know back when I was baffled by their productivity, that their number one secret wasn’t that hard to grasp.  They planned ahead.  Some of them planned so well that they had all their gifts purchased by July!  Now that’s a little extreme for my spontaneous nature, but when I discovered that it’s easy to get it all done when you have a plan, I was lifted out of the mire of dread that used to suck the ho ho ho and peace on earth right out of my world

So here are some things you can do before Thanksgiving (the end of November for those of you who are not in the US) to insure you glide through the year-end festivities without a hitch:

  • Do your holiday shopping early.  I’m not just talking about Christmas gifts, but buy everything early…maybe a little at a time if it overwhelms you.  Spend a little time each morning making some notes about your holiday needs.  Are you cooking a major meal?  Do you need something special for a party?  Do you want a new decoration for your house?  And of course there is the gift list to plan for as well.
    • Make it simple.  Make it fun.  Think in themes.
    • Pick up items for your special meal a little at a time as you do your regular grocery shopping.
    • Leverage the power of online shopping.
  • Address your holiday cards early.  You can do this while watching TV or listening to music.  No need to mail them before the time is right.  Just get them signed, addressed and ready to go.


Holiday Cards Addressed Almost a Month Early!!! 

  • Get your rest ahead of time.  Can you make it a practice to get to bed an hour earlier than usual?  What about a 15 minute power nap in the middle of the day?  You know how crazy your schedule can get with added social engagements.  Even a few extra commitments in the month of December can drain your energy in a hurry.  So why not fortify yourself now, so you have that energy to enjoy yourself when the time comes.
  • Amp up the self-care.  If you tend to go into a “candy coma” (thanks Indra), or a carb and triptophan induced stupor over the holidays, do a little extra now to get your body feeling good  before you go in to those “no crumbs left on the plate” zones.  A few extra brisk walks can go a long way.  Consciously eating a few less fat and sugar calories while you’re still of sound mind may help to balance out potential overindulgence of holiday treats.

It’s so easy to get thrown off balance by extra responsibilities and activities during the holidays.  With proper planning you can get ahead of the potential pressure that can squeeze the joy out of the season.

There are other stressors and triggers which are unique to the holiday season that even the best of plans don’t relieve.  If you fall into a funk around Thanksgiving and dread the thought of another shopping trip or party, you’re invited to attend a free call which will help you discover the source of your issues and how to overcome them before they even start.

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