Grounding – March 2016 Virtual Mini-Break

A few of us got together on Tuesday March 15th to refresh and renew our self-care practice.  We explored grounding in our half hour together … what it feels like, how to ground yourself through the root center (root chakra) and how to know when you’re ungrounded.  If you tend to feel ungrounded, unfocused or maybe even anxious, please enjoy the replay of this event.  We did a short physical exercise that you can try for yourself and modify in any way that works for you.

Also below the video, you will find the links to the resources that we discussed.  Enjoy!

You are invited to join us for the next free monthly mini break.  Just make sure you’re on our email list to get the updates.

Links to Resources
Free Human Design Chart –
Earthing –
Free grounding mats for massage therapists –

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