Human Design Personalized Overview


Woman Listening to Music With HeadphonesThis is a guided tour of your Human Design chart which I will record and send to you to listen to at your leisure.  If you got your free chart and guide and want a more tailored overview, order Are you just dipping your toe into Human Design?

On your downloadable MP3 recording I will tell you about the different elements of the Human Design chart so that you have a beginner’s understanding of what you are seeing.  In addition I will talk briefly about how each element of the chart applies to you.

Specifically I will elaborate on:

  • Your Human Design type & strategy
  • What your profile says about you
  • Your strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Some of the ways you can begin to apply your strategy to address a specific life challenge

If you read over the general guide to understanding your chart and want to get more personalized information, this reading can be very illuminating.

Your recording will be approximately 25 minutes in length.

$37 (Your investment in this reading qualifies you to get $20 off of any one future service)

What Others Are Saying:

“I was very curious about what was a human design chart?

What it was about?How it could lead me forward?

How could this reading give further tools to reach my goals and succeed in life living to my own purpose?


I was surprised how this reading completely resumed so clearly how I am and resumed my posture in life.

How could Sandy without ever having seen me, known or even shared any personal space define most of my personal traces so sharply.


I could review my life back and realize that what happened, did happen exactly in the way Sandy says.

It was so unclear for me living in this body, my own body, but for her it was crystal clear and then all of a sudden it was no longer a fog for me to realize how things actually did happen.

 This deep insight into my own person and way of living contributed to remove misconceived ideas about myself.

 So many times I´ve asking myself why did this happen or how should I react to this?

 Well, now I can say that by knowing me deeper I can choose to clearly act based on my true intentions and will, without fear, without fear of failing or disappointing, and without having to give up myself to please others.

 I always use affirmations on a daily basis, but this insight over myself made me more self assured, of who I am, of what I want and desire, and by knowing this let alone I can further draw on the energy I want to attract in my life and what I want to have surrounding me.

 Thank you Sandy for your insight!”

– Pedro M.

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