Is Recess for Adults Taboo?

Couple Playing on a SwingThere is a reason that recess is scheduled into each school day; because at some level we understand the need for balance. Children suffer when that part of the day is taken away.  It affects their productivity in school and ability to concentrate.  But what about adults?  If recess is  so essential to a child’s well being and productivity, wouldn’t that be doubly true for adults?  Don’t you need to be as productive as possible to manage all the responsibilities in your life?  Have you ever stopped to consider  how vital it is for you to take breaks and play?

If you have come to the conclusion that you must play more to be more productive but you’re not doing it there could be a very good reason.  In the adult world the words “fun” and “play” have a frivolous connotation as if, for adults, any activity that has anything to do with either of the two is forbidden. “Adult recess” sounds like an oxymoron. Unfortunately the ability to let loose and play just for the fun of it gets trained out of most of us before we’re 30.  Then stress takes over, because you have lost this one vital skill which would help you overcome its debilitating effects.  Pretty soon you find yourself stuck in a rut because you have forgotten how much fun fun really is!

If you’re struggling with the stress of trying to be productive, ask yourself, “When was the last time I really had fun?” “Why am I not playing every single day?”

There is a reason children want to do nothing else but play. They want to do it  ALL of the time. There is a reason that kids run to the playground at break-neck speeds. There is something about having fun that adults seem to have forgotten. Once you begin to experience fun in your life again I guarantee that you too will want to play ALL of the time.  Is that thought scary to you?  What would you lose if you played all the time? What would you gain?

Believe it or not, playing and having fun every day IS critical.  Isn’t it time you broke the taboo and gave yourself “recess” every single day?


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