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Our New Property

I’m not your typical summer solstice celebrating girl.  While my cohorts are out cavorting in the last hours of daylight on the longest day of the year, I have been sitting on my front porch, crocheting a laptop sleeve out of plastic shopping bags and reviewing all that has transpired so far in 2014.  The mid-year review began a couple of days ago with a scouring of my bookkeeping, a review of my business intentions, and a look at what my husband and I wrote down as family intentions on New Year’s Eve.  So much has happened so quickly in this first 6 months of this year, that the mid-year review has taken on the momentous feel of the year-end review.  My highlights include:

  1. Hitting my year end goal for Facebook “likes” last month!
  2. Taking an extra personal retreat which wasn’t even on my schedule… that makes 2 so far this year!
  3. Finding and buying the perfect piece of property for the next phase of my life with my sweetheart!

The list goes on, but it seems I’m way ahead of schedule.  And now as the second half of 2014 peaks above the horizon I’m faced with the new challenge of setting new and bigger intentions for the rest of the year.  This is still a work in progress and soon it will be time to share more about my new intentions. For now I want to talk about this great predicament and what it means to you.  Have you done your mid-year review?  Where are you ahead of schedule?  Where are you frustrated because you seem to be lagging behind your projected timeline from the start of the year?  The areas where you are ahead of schedule indicate where you are in sync with your sense of rhythm and timing.  In that particular aspect of your life you have been successful in waiting when it’s important to wait and acting when it’s time to act.  That’s what I mean by rhythm and timing.  If there are things on your timeline which don’t seem to be manifesting quickly enough, one of two things could be happening.

  1. You are either out of sync with your inner rhythm or
  2. The timing is not right yet.

So many of the beautiful happenings in our lives depend on others to be ready and in the right place at the right time.  The more people involved, the longer (sometimes) you have to wait.  I know, when you think about it that way it seems a wonder that we get anything done.  But here’s one secret that will guarantee that the right things show up at the right time for you to bring forth your creations in ways which are right for you!  Know your own rhythm and act according to your timing.  This puts you in the right place at the right time, ready to receive the next connection, inspiration or synchronicity to take the next step.  Dear Heart, it doesn’t always look the way you think it should when you get there.  It doesn’t always happen the way you think it will unfold.  But one thing is for sure.  It will be utterly and perfectly right every single time.  And when you look back at the experience you will see how when you listened to yourself and rested when you needed to rest, made inner changes that you needed to make, and did what truly satisfied your heart, everything gently and easily fell into place.  You will see that when you chilled and relaxed when you couldn’t see the next thing coming, you started to get a sense of how to move and flow with your inner promptings.  And best of all, when you look back you will see how you found yourself in the right place at the right time with others who were ready and waiting on you. Start your summer with a shift in your timing by discovering your own flow, rhythm and inner balance.

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