Human Design Terms

  Human Design offers you a framework for understanding how to live your life as the unique individual that you were created to be. It shows you your genetic imprinting and the gifts and challenges you are here to experience. Human Design gives you a framework for discovering how your environment and the people around you influence you. When […]

Insecurity During Big Transitions – How Not to Freak Out!

The funny thing about awareness is that you can be in the midst of something very emotionally uncomfortable while simultaneously standing  to the side and observing it.  It’s surreal and somewhat disorienting if you’re used to spending your time swallowed up by the turmoil rolling around in your head.  That was my experience last weekend as I […]

How Much Alone Time Do You Really Need?

I’m in the midst of my summer routine where I get to have more intensive time with family. During the winter and spring I worked on creating a rejuvenating routine which included consistent alone time to meditate, rest, and discharge energy that I picked up from others. It was delicious and challenging at the same […]