Fear is a Super Power

  This post is being released during Halloween week.  So in honor of the scariest day of the year it’s only fitting to talk about fear.  Does it paralyze you or catapult you?  Are you contending with fears that are holding you back? Fear is such a primal force in our world.  So it’s easy to […]

Lessons From Millionaires

In 2007 I was in Guerilla Business School hoping against hope that I could learn something that would finally get me out from under the suffocating burden of bills and debt which had plagued me for at least 10 years.  I had some major aha moments during that intense week of training, but none of them had anything […]

Your Design for Prosperity Revealed

For the past few weeks we have been talking about prosperity and abundance in preparation for the upcoming Inner Prosperity Course, and several of you sent in questions about Human Design and prosperity. Today we are going to address the two main questions:   What does Human Design have to do with prosperity? How do I use my […]

20 Percent of Humans are Not Designed to Work!

Are You One of Them? If you are feeling burnt out, exhausted or even have physical and medical issues related to working too hard, you could be a Projector, which is one of the  5 Human Design energy types.  Human Design is a cutting edge personality assessment tool which shows you how you are energetically […]