How Inconsistency Creates Insecurity

  I have been reading articles lately about how inconsistent parenting creates insecurity within children.  As someone who received multiple childhood wounds from inconsistent parenting, I had to do a lot of work to re-parent myself and heal my own insecurity.  But even after all that work, there is still one inherent truth about me (and about […]

Loneliness Remedies

  Growing up as an only child I thought that I was the only person who felt truly alone in the world.  The more I work with people the more I realize that loneliness is common to the human condition. Loneliness is actually a theme in the Human Design chart which is woven into the archetype […]

Who Is In Charge of Your Love?

Last week we talked about “the secret sauce of romance” and I promised that I would share a resource which helped me heal my heart and take my relationship with my husband to more loving and intimate levels. Who is in charge of your love?  Do you wait for other people to show you how valuable […]

Is Neediness Ever Ok?

  In our society which values self-made success through the grit of rugged independence, the thought of being needy or dependent on another has become taboo.  In previous posts we talked about how it’s not wise for most people to “just go out and do it” … to initiate actions without first waiting for the […]