Secrets of Self-Care Success

  Are you a victim of the self-care/self-neglect roller coaster? It starts when you find yourself in the cranky, bitchy, worn down, exhausted world of self neglect. And each time it happens you resolve to make changes so it never happens again. You change your diet, maybe go to bed earlier, start an exercise regimen and begin meditating […]

2016 Planners to Organize Your Life

Transcript: Hey there, this is Sandy Freschi, Human Design specialist, life coach, healer, guide, and mentor. And this is just a quick video to get you started on considering what you need, to begin to set yourself up for success in the coming year. We’re coming to the end of 2015. And this is the […]

The Deliberate Practice of Imperfection

  In the last post we looked at how perfectionism can keep you from living the life that’s just perfect for you.  Would you like to explore this topic a little deeper?  Because there is potential for true liberation from the restrictions of perfectionism when you consider this question … How would your life expand if you deliberately practiced […]

Where to Find Your Breakthrough

  What do you do when you have been working on a project for a while and finally get a breakthrough?  Do you forget to celebrate?  Do you bask in the celebration for too long and lose your momentum? Do you immediately get fearful that if you stop long enough to celebrate you will fail? Success […]