The Story of Human Design

The ancients all had a way of interpreting the human psyche and cultivating a connection with the soul.  The Hindus charted the energy vortexes which nourish the body, mind and spirit.  The Chinese identified the 64 life themes which weave their way through the human experience.  The Hebrews, through the Kabbalistic tree of life, studied the relationships of the divine forces which create all worlds.  And for as long as man has been on the planet, there has been the search to understand our connection to the cosmos.  In 1987 scientists discovered a key piece of that connection when they witnessed the explosion of a giant star, and began to study the neutrinos streams (a.k.a. stardust) which constantly move through our bodies.

At the same time, on a remote island of Spain, a reluctant mystic was given the revelation of how these ancient wisdom systems work together with our connection to the cosmos via quantum physics to form an entire blueprint for how each human can live their full potential.  That revelation of the mechanics of the human energy system is now known as Human Design.

Discover your Inner Blueprint

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