The Synchronicity Formula

The other day I was listening to my inner guidance as I was wandering around in my car and wondering where I might stop for a bite to eat.  I ended up at a small restaurant that I love but don’t visit often enough.  While eating, the owner and I got into a conversation which very surprisingly lead her to hire me for my services.  It was quite unexpected, and yet the easy free feel of the synchronistic interaction reminded me of a very important concept that could make your life easier.

Preparation + Receptivity = Synchronicity

Stay open to the magic of lifeMost of us have been taught that if we want success it’s up to us to go out there and make it happen.  So we work way too hard at the wrong things which actually make the path to what we want that much harder to obtain.  Now this is different for everyone.  If you are a Generator / Manifesting Generator energy type who has the energy to work hard at the right things when they show up, you probably have more stamina to withstand the outer work of making something happen once it comes to you.  If you are a Manifestor energy type, then you definitely have the energy to initiate the things that you want to happen.  But regardless of how much energy you have to “do” things in the world, consider how much easier it could be if your work was focused on preparing to receive.

You are invited to play with this and to observe and acknowledge what happens for you.

Remember that you are intricately woven into the fabric of all of the unseen energies which deeply support your ultimate well being.  What would it be like to relax into that support and let it work for you?


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