Two Reasons that You Feel Stuck (Part 2)

Last week we talked about the little mind tricks that come up which convince you that you’re stuck.  And you were reminded that you have an internal guidance system which knows the next step to take, regardless of how confused you may think you are.  It sounds simple right?  When you’re ready for a change and you’re feeling stuck, because your mind is telling you you’re confused, all you have to do is look inside and the next step will reveal itself.  It really can be that simple. But it may not be easy because of the second reason for feeling stuck….

brokenCD2Reason #2 – Making the Same Choices

Have you ever heard the saying that …

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”?

I’m not calling you (or me for that matter) insane.  I’m just saying that we are creatures of habit… habits of thought … habits of emotion and habits of behavior.  Often, at least initially, we may not even realize that we have behavioral, emotional or mental default patterns that repeat over and over.

If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, you may just be making a choice to stay in the same place.

Your choices become habits which support your current level of comfort and stability.  If you’re feeling uncomfortable, restless, maybe not too stable or happy with what you’re getting from your life, it’s time to look at your daily choices to discover what needs to be changed.

This process of illuminating your choices and patterns takes a bit of discipline.  Because often there is more to what’s going on than the outer behavioral pattern.  An example of this is when you are dissatisfied with your eating habits. Your habit of choice is to eat junk food everyday, which in turn increases the dissatisfaction that you feel.  You could make a different outward choice to throw out all the junk food in your house. But unless you’re one of the few people in the world who has a Human Design blueprint which embodies consistent willpower, you’re probably not going to stick to a radical change in diet for very long on your own.  There are probably other choices beneath the surface of your awareness which perpetuate your habit.  You could have a health issue which is driving your craving for junk food, or it could be an emotional trigger. Or your mind could be telling you a story about the emotional trigger which throws you deeper into the habit of eating junk food.

When you are able to step back and examine your habits and choices from a place of objectivity, you have the power to make a different choice … a choice that affirms a more elevated experience of your life … a choice that lifts you out of the rut of feeling stuck.

There is a very useful tool which assists you in developing the discipline of objective self examination.  It is known as Human Design.  When you align with your Human Design blueprint, through the practice of your authentic strategy for living life and your unique decision making process, you begin to see and change the habits which keep you in the rut of choices which don’t honor the best of you.

Do you want to make a different choice which expands your self-awareness and elevates your life experience? You’re invited to check out our Human Design and Coaching Services.

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