What is Human Design?

human design mandala

There is only one of you, and this unique system reveals that truth. Once you understand your unique design, you are able to take the actions which increase your confidence and success.  Your life begins to work for you once and for all!

So what is Human Design?  It is a personal growth and personality assessment tool with esoteric origins and practical applications. It draws upon Eastern and Western astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu chakra system and quantum physics to show you how to make the most of the unique personality traits and the gifts you were born with.  Human design is a road-map for the life you were born to live.  It lays out a blueprint which helps you understand how to effectively interact with your world with the least amount of confusion, energy drain and frustration.

Human Design gives you a new way of seeing who you truly are in all your magnificence and beauty.  It is not about changing anything about you. It is about gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of your gifts and strengths, what drives you, your wisdom and your vulnerabilities.  For example, some people are designed to work and they must work at things they love in order to stay healthy and balanced.  Others are designed to NOT work in the traditional ways that others work, because they don’t have the energy to sustain it. They are here to either start new things and move on, or to guide others with their wisdom.  Knowing how you are designed to interact with the world will allow you to use your energy in ways that benefit your wellbeing and contribute your gifts to others.

When you look at your Human Design Body Chart you’ll see triangles, squares, lines and colors.  Most likely you will  be scratching your head.  But the chart may look strangely familiar.  This is you, the representation of your energy system as you were uniquely put together at the time of your birth. The human design body chart is a snapshot of your waking personality.  In other words it is a picture of some of the fixed personality characteristics you were born with.

Have you seen your personal Human Design Body Chart?  Do you want to know more about your unique energetic design?  Order your free chart here.

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