Where Do Your Actions and Voice Have Power?

Do you feel the sense of fear and urgency in the collective vibe?  Terrorism, turmoil in the Middle East, civil unrest, economic crisis … The issues of the day seem to be pushing the world consciousness to scream “Do something! … and do it fast!”

Many of my friends, associates and colleagues, who usually manage to stay objectively neutral about world events, are feeling the deep call to do something about the madness on the planet.  They want their voices to be heard.  They want their actions to matter.  But they’re not sure what to do or how to go about it.  Are you wrestling with the same dilema?

All the rhetoric and posturing that went on in the U.S. this week via mainstream media inspired me to contemplate the issues of peace, action and activism.  Yes I watched the Republican debate (against the approval of my metaphysical, higher consciousness loving friends), and found it to be a stimulating exercise in discernment.  It probably also fueled this post.

I woke up the next morning feeling inspired to consider this question, and to offer some of my insights for you to consider as well.

Where do your actions and voice have power?

I know it sounds like I’m looking for a cause to get involved in, or to align with a group which has the power to get something done in the world. But believe it or not when I asked myself that question, it grounded me even more deeply into the answer that I have recognized as my truth since I was 12 years old.

Peace cannot be created from a place of unrest.

My 12 year old self still knows in her heart of hearts that if everyone found their place of peace within, war would not exist.  It’s so simple right?  So why hasn’t it been done?

peace cannot be created from a place of unrestMy 52 year old self recognizes and concedes that not everyone is here for this purpose.  Each soul is individual in what it is here to experience and how it needs or wants to grow.  Something or someone who looks to be negative and “bad” according to the judgments of world convention, may actually be playing a very important role that we in our limited human perspective cannot fathom. Not everything is as it appears in the literal 3D perspective of planetary existence. And if I tried to figure it all out I would drive myself as mad as the world seems today.

I don’t know it all, because I have not reached the point where I have the “God’s-eye view”. So I can’t presume I have the answer for anyone else but me.   The actions I take to cultivate world peace all come back to me and my soul’s intentions, and the fact that I can only live my life, taking the actions which allow me to fulfill my purpose and develop my power as an essential part of the Human collective.

My work toward planetary peace is mostly an inside job.  I recognize that misaligned actions shut doors that need to be opened, and keep the doors of fear and unrest ajar. So I wait, I watch, I pray with the expectation that my prayers for the highest good are already being answered. I hold and spread light via my presence, and I do whatever it takes inside of me to be peaceful, compassionate, honest and authentic.

Unlike me and my energy type, most people on the planet are “do-ers” rather than “be-ers”.  If you feel compelled to “do” something about the state of the world, I hope that you are inspired to do it inside yourself first.  Your internal power brings clarity and attracts the situations, circumstances and people where outward action can have the most impact.  You show up as who you truly are, endowed with the full measure of your gifts for attracting collaborators who are operating from their own place of authenticity and empowerment as well.

When you are operating from frustration, anger, bitterness or disappointment you have lost your power.  It’s a signal that more inner work is needed to align with your inner place of power.  Action taken from these “not-self” states of being (as we call them in Human Design), contribute to the problem rather than the solution. In order to be part of the solution you must find and live your peace inside!

Do you want take action on the inside to have more peace, satisfaction and clarity?

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2 thoughts on “Where Do Your Actions and Voice Have Power?

  1. Couldn’t agree more Sandy!!!…peace starts with each one of us focusing on our own peace and gifts to the world!! xoxo

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